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From birth, we recognize pattern.


Infants recognize sound patterns and begin to demonstrate their preferences for their mother, upon the sound of her voice. The security of familiar sounds, bring peace and contentment, as they carry knowledge of food, warmth and comfort.

All sounds carry a frequency. Specific sounds and music carry a higher intelligence in their frequencies. From sound and frequency, comes form and matter.
Specific frequencies create the fundamental building blocks of our universe in the form of 

Sacred Geometry.


In nature we find sacred geometrical patterns, designs and structures from the tiniest particles, to the farthest reaches of the cosmos. The recognition of these patterns is inherent.
Our bodies are made up of the very patterns and structures we see in the natural world around us.
The security of familiar patterns, bring peace and contentment, as they carry
knowledge of love and unity.

I borrow hidden messages within my original works to create geometrical patterned artworks,
that are inspired by specific Sacred Geometrical Shapes and frequencies.

Each artwork has it’s own unique frequency and can be found in my “RESONANCE” Collection. All purchases of these Limited Edition Prints, come with their own story for you to discover.

What discovery will you make that resonates with you?


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