the puzzle.

The Point.


One could sum up the complexities of our known universe
with mathematical formulas of light and sound frequencies.


But does it cover, the frequency of love,
or the stories of miracles, or coincidences?
Even if we knew all the secrets of the universe,
with its intricately woven matrix, what is the point of it all?


“I used to struggle to make sense of miracle stories.
How oceans could be parted, how it was possible to walk on water,
but I think I was missing the point.
To believe in miracles is to believe there is more to life than meets the eye,
to accept there could be something that connects us, that unites us.


I believe we should believe in miracles because miracles,
however you define them, give us hope.

They drive us to create reality out of possibility.” 


- Morgan Freeman,



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