The high vantage point of the towering Palm Tree inspires the awakening of true wisdom.

Seeing things from a higher perspective can help clearly define goals and spot opportunities.

Our viewpoint becomes clearer to knowing the importance of balance and unity.

The support for equality in all genders, races and cultures, brings acceptance and contentment with
who we really are.

Our ability to go within and find our inner strength courageously drives us forward with renewed perspectives of ourselves, and the world around us.

Moving forward with courage and grace, allows us to reach for the stars.

size. LARGE

size. MEDIUM

size. SMALL

120 x 120 cm

100 x 100 cm

80 x 80 cm

$ 800

$ 650

$ 500

size. X-SMALL

60 x 60 cm

$ 350

* Canvas option is also available in rolled or stretched options. Inquires welcome!

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