“When Sarah showed me the work in progress, I burst into tears at how absolutely moving the piece was. I noticed all the subtle elements cleverly incorporated together but also noticed other important parts of my upbringing, which I hadn’t discussed with Sarah.

Down one side of the painting there are wheat sheaves.
To me it immediately symbolized my childhood growing up on a wheat farm in The Mallee.
I also looked into the symbol of a wheat sheaf and was blown away at how significant it was to my Nonna.

Members of my family also saw a Scottish Thistle, which we put down to my father’s Scottish Heritage.

The Scared Heart is at the centre. Not one room in my Nonna’s house was without a religious picture of the Scared Heart.

Sarah created a beautifully unique painting for my family, capturing the memory of a special person. When we look at the artwork, it lifts the spirits, and will do for many years to come.
It is a real treasure for our family. I especially love telling admirers the meaning behind the delicate details and gorgeous colours used. Sarah has lovingly created the perfect mix of emotion, love, loss, happiness and hope. Thank you so much, you are very talented." 

- Paula

"When I received my painting, I was blown away by Sarah's ability to connect with me and create something so stunning, instinctively using my favourite colours and with so much detail. Her passion for her artwork is obvious in the beautiful quality and presentation of the painting and I am so very happy to have it hanging in my home."

- Julie

"For me, art is about capturing a feeling and the beautiful piece Sarah created for me makes my heart sing, it makes me happy. Plantae was originally commissioned for our guest room but it now takes it's place in our family room as it's a piece that sings. It lights up our space and deserves to be shared. Sarah is a truly gifted artist, a special soul who listened to what I wanted and delivered the most exquisite piece of work."

- Michelle


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